Sweden Hockey Trophy are proud to invite you all to Resport Trophy 2019! Resport Trophy will take place at four different ice arenas within the Stockholm-area, starting on Augsut 30th, 2019.

Here are some ganeral information regarding the tournament and how it is going to be played, as well as information regarding prices. 

Participants: 32 x U13 teams with players born 2007 and later.

Date: 30 August - 1 September2019

Arenas: Stockholm Region

Order of play: The Round Robin games are played with eight teams in two groups at each ice rink, where the teams faces each other. 
After the Round Robin Games, the A-D Playoffs starts on the third Day.

We divide the teams to different rinks before the A, B, C & D-playoffs starts. 
All teams makes it to the Playoffs on Sunday (last day). 
Where and when a team will play on Sunday, depends on the performance of the team during the previous two days. 

Game time: 2 x 20 minutes effectively.
Number of games: 6-8 Games per team

Registration: Registration deadline is when the tournament is full.

Registration fee:    3 500 SEK
The Teams will be invoiced to the address that is made in the Registration.
Registration is binding in connection with the payment.

International Teams, use the following Procedure:

Reciever: LGS Europe AB

Arenas: Stockholm Region

Date:  30 of August - 1 of September 2019

Resport Trophy


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